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Burly Bros Construction & Roofing is a family-owned & operated, trusted roofing company that is truly here for their customers.  We understand it can be an overwhelming situation when there is such an extensive number of roofing companies to choose from in your area.  You want to be able to find a roofing company that is honest, reliable, quality-based, customer-oriented, and one that puts the needs of the customer first above all things. The best way to understand the credibility of our service and quality is directly from some of our customers.  Here is a direct review from one of our Burleson roofing customers: “These guys are truly amazing. They are trustworthy and went out of their way to help me. When their crew showed up at my house, they were polite and helpful. They did an amazing job on my roof. I will always use them from now on, and recommend them to everyone.”  A direct quote from one of our Arlington roofing customers: “Burly Bros replaced our roof this month, and did an outstanding job!!!  Very professional, and pay close attention to detail.  Beautiful new roof!  Thanks guys!”  Here is another review from a Crowley roofing customer:  “Brad was very professional and did a fantastic job with my roof. He came out multiple times over multiple years before we finally did my roof. Thanks for a great job Brad and company!” 

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 We are an industry leader in residential, commercial and industrial roofing in Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding areas. Our commitment to quality, continuing education, and customer service brings Burly Bros Construction & Roofing to consistently deliver the best roofing system available in the industry with extremely satisfied customers!  We pay relentless attention to detail, communicating with our clients, creating beautiful and functional designs, and do so with complete integrity and honesty.  If you are in need of a residential or commercial roofing company, please give us a call at 817-819-5888 for a FREE estimate, no obligation appointment!  

Whether you need repairs, installations, replacements, maintenance or any other type of roofing service, we want to be here for you, no matter what the need may be!  For years, Burly Bros Roofing has been helping families in times of post-storm damage, normal aging wear and tear, as well as a plethora of other roofing needs! Our team offers residential roofing services as well as commercial roofing services.  Burly Bros Construction & Roofing consists of family that is here for family....And as we always say, "On these beams, we build dreams!" 


Burly Bros Roofing works directly with each of our homeowners to provide a quality roof while maintaining a safe and controlled environment during the project.  We understand that your home is one of your biggest investments and we will provide you with the best roofing system to protect it.  Our goal is to take away any anxiety or concerns you may have in the roofing process by giving you the highest customer service, attention to detail, and an amazing end product!  As the homeowner, you will be completely informed from project start to finish. Burly Bros Roofing provides free roof estimates and consultations. Each project done by Burly Bros Roofing will be supervised, and upon completion, there will be an official walk-through for quality control and assurance.

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commercial roofing projects


Burly Bros Roofing offers a variety of options for commercial roofing replacement and repairs. Whether you're a small business owner, commercial landlord, or major corporation, we would be proud to service your roofing needs.  Based on our experience, as well as our use of the latest in estimating technology, we are able to provide accurate estimates without any surprises. We stand by our estimates and the high-quality work we perform, by providing a variety of warranty options to our customers. We pride ourselves on our long-term commitment and relationships with our commercial roofing clients. Through listening to their needs and suggesting proper courses of action, we can ensure that our clients will receive the highest quality of craftsmanship and supreme services available today.



There is no way to know whether or not your roof has endured damage from recent or past storms.  Also, normal wear and tear may have taken a toll on your roof.  The best way to ensure that that your roof is in good condition is to have a reliable, trustworthy roofer to inspect it.  Burly Bros offers a complete roof inspection, with absolutely no obligation.  They will take photos of any damage, not only for your own concerns, but as a resource for you to have with the insurance claim.  A member of the Burly Bros team will inspect and give you an estimate at no charge to you.  You may or may not have damage, and it may be as simple as a quick patch, or needing a complete re-roof.  We will help you in any situation with your roofing needs.



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